Ultimate Fighting’s Dark Side, Episode 1364

David explores the dark side of Ultimate Fighting and questions whether society has failed the competitors before they step into the Octagon. What are the long term physical effects from violent sports? And how do violent sports shape our view of the world from war to police violence? TOPICS: Biden forgives student debt; DeSantis is a pig; The trouble with Charlie Crist; Dr. Oz gets into trouble with the medical community; David discusses Monday’s show and why he has a problem with guests who prefer fighting to discourse.

00:01:16 The Show hasn’t started yet

00:01:39 Go see Triumph The Insult Comic Dog!

00:02:26 Why Disney shut down David’s live feed from Monday

00:03:08 Disney only permits clips of Ultimate Fighting to be seen in the context they control, not in a context that questions its value

00:05:19 Americans mistake arguing for conversation

00:06:29 Monday’s guest came looking for a fight, not a conversation

00:07:06 David explains exactly what his politics are

00:13:12 You say you want a revolution?

00:15:12 Money is language

00:16:11 This is a fight over government largesse

00:19:37 The problem with fighting

00:54:09 Joe Biden forgives student loans

01:10:43 What Charlie Crist is hiding

01:24:45 Democrat Dan Goldman buys a congressional seat

01:29:50 Real Doctors Against Dr. Oz

01:32:22 Laura Loomer refuses to concede

01:49:36 “I’m On My Way” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

01:53:27 Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, Freudian psychoanalyst, discusses violence and politics in America

02:27:53 “Turtle” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

02:33:00 Emil Guillermo discusses pig uterus

03:09:23 The Rev. Barry W. Lynn

03:59:51 The Professors and Mary Anne; Professors Bick, Li, Husain and Cummings

04:12:01 Ukraine Update and a new museum in Washington DC named The Victims of Communism

04:19:49 Biden’s loan forgiveness

05:01:47 Professor Harvey J. Kaye and Alan Minsky

05:24:43 Professor Ben Burgis