Welcome to the Mop Up for June 9, 2022

According to the Gun Violence Archives there have been 251 mass shootings THIS YEAR. Two hundred and fifty-one mass murders involving guns. THIS YEAR

The number one cause of death for children is no longer car accidents– it is guns.

61 million AMERICAN children live at or below the poverty line.

Eighteen million military veterans risk suicide, homelessness, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and unemployment.

110 million Americans are exposed to what are called toxic forever chemicals in their drinking water.

Late last month the UN World Meteorological Organization issued their annual State of the Climate Report.

IT said the planet is heating up at unprecedented rates, and unless we do something today, OUR EARTH will be uninhabitable much sooner than anyone EVER expected.


So, what does Nancy Pelosi’s congress decide to focus on tonight in Prime Time? What is her congress pouring all its political capital into?

Their own safety. Not the planet. Not the guns killing school children. Not the children in America underfed or experiencing homelessness.

Not hedge fund managers like war profiteer David Rubenstein’s Carlyle Group buying up trailer parks and then gouging the tenants living on social security into bankruptcy.

Not the millions of Americans who can’t afford rent, tuition, or a five-hundred-dollar court fee when they are arrested.

No. Tonight, the big show leading up to the midterms, what we are all supposed to watch tonight and worry about is Mike Pence’s and Nancy Pelosi’s physical safety.

Again, my heart goes out to those cops who protected Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi.

And I do think it was a coup attempt. And I do think it was a conspiracy that came from within the Republican party, and they should all be put on trial—which begs the question—why haven’t they been put on trial?

We have a Justice Department. Can’t the democrats do better than show trials. Which is what tonight is. A show trial.

Today Merrick Garland arrested A GOP Michigan gubernatorial candidate, Ryan Kelley, on misdemeanor charges related to his involvement in the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. Misdemeanor charges. For a Republican candidate for governor of Michigan. If you’re in Michigan, Garland should bring a rod and reel to Flint, because I hear the fish are even smaller.

Really? The big hearings are tonight. And all the justice department can come up with is that?

The Biden administration doesn’t want to prosecute.

Tonight, is about building the political will to defeat the Republicans in November.

January 6 was an insurrection. There’s nothing to discuss. Prosecute.

The Biden administration is too chicken shit to put these people on trial.

And they’re hiding behind the lack of political will.

In other words, Merrick garland won’t try the insurrectionists, he won’t try the republican congresspeople who helped the insurrectionists, because it’s the American people’s fault.

We’re not demanding it loud enough.

Maybe if we watch these prime time show trials, we’ll demand the justice department do something!

Merrick garland is chicken shit. The Democrats are chickenshit.

It’s the American people’s fault they’re not prosecuting. We haven’t expressed enough outrage over January 6.

We all know what January 6 was. But the democrats have done the polling, and they know the American people don’t care about January 6.

The polling shows It may not be politically expedient to lock these people up.

So, we must make it politically expedient by taking over prime time television and making the case to the American people.

But not really. This is about the midterms.

One of the questions Biden, Merrick Garland Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer should ask is, “Why don’t the American people care about January 6.”

Yeah, we know it was horrible. One for the history books, and our hearts go out to the cops and their families.

But the people they were protecting? Hmmmm. Not so much. Why is that.

We will be told the attack on the capitol wasn’t just an attack against our lawmakers, it was an attack against our Democracy.

Partly. I do believe the animals who invaded the Capitol were trying to reverse the November elections, and they were monsters sent there by bigger monsters.

But I also believe people living in the streets, unable to afford health care, living in or at the poverty level, I believe that’s the real threat to our Democracy.

An Ar-15 reducing Nineteen school children into a spray of mist? And the American people wanting these assault weapons banned, but congress not budging because they don’t want to upset their corporate donors? That’s the real threat to our democracy.

When half this country can’t come up with four hundred dollars for a medical emergency, when Americans earning 250,000 a year find themselves living paycheck to paycheck, when our water is poisoned, and elementary school children are massacred, and we all know it’s going to happen again because our government is an owned and operated subsidiary of Wall Street—I believe that’s the real threat to our Democracy.

Paul Pelosi is worth 200 million dollars. His wife, when asked about her family’s 200 million dollar fortune, when asked about her husband buying and trading millions of dollars in stocks, when asked, she said this is a capitalist country and there’s no reason lawmakers shouldn’t be allowed to participate in that—when the speaker of the house says that—I believe the capitol has already been breached by cap-i-tal—I believe the looting has already taken place—I believe all that looting is a much bigger threat to our democracy than anything that happened on January 6.

What happened on January 6 was appalling. But Nancy Pelosi should ask herself, “Why, if there was a coup attempt. Why, if the world saw your marble fortress violated, desecrated, your office ransacked and these animals coming for you and our vice president with nooses. Why do you have to hold these hearings in prime time for the next three weeks to gin up outrage? Shouldn’t the American people already be angry? This happened a year and a half ago. Haven’t the American people seen everything already? Why do you feel we aren’t sufficiently angry? Why do you feel the American people have to get it hammered into their thick skulls that there was an attack on the US Capitol? What are the polls telling you Nancy Pelosi?
I suspect the polls are telling you the American people just don’t get it. We were attacked on January 6 and the American people don’t care. Why don’t you care? They ransacked my office. Why can’t you see this?
We saw it. We care. But not really.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re not getting it. The American people feel bad for the capitol cops.

But honestly? Stop trying to BS us.

Not giving a crap if people live or die is a two-way street.

55 billion for Ukraine but not for Covid relief? I know. It’s Joe Manchin and Sinema’s fault. I know, I know. Your hands are tied.

Stop b essing a nation of b-essers.

You don’t care if we live or die. We don’t care if you live or die.

Your husband Paul Pelosi gets behind the wheel of his one hundred-thousand-dollar porshe completely blotto, and crashes into another car. He couldn’t care if he or anyone else lives or dies. It all happened the same month he traded two million dollars of apple and Microsoft stock.

But let’s preempt the mid-season premieres of Chicago Med, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire because you were attacked.

The committee has hired the former president of ABC News, who made his bones producing “Good Morning America” and “Nightline” — a master storyteller, James Goldston has been hired by the committee to produce tonight’s extravaganza.

We all saw what happened. But they must bring in James Goldston to make us care.

I’m sorry you were attacked. I’m sorry for the Capitol Police. I’ve dealt with the Capitol Police I really like and respect them.

Not sure I can say the same about the people they protect.

The Capitol police kept you from dying on January 6. But you refuse to return the favor.

You refuse to fight for Medicare for All. You had a chance to codify roe v wade into law. You can’t even get the minimum wage bumped up to fifteen dollars an hour.

But You ended up with 200 million dollars.

And we’re supposed to care if your safe?


I would hate anything bad to happen to you. But empathy is a two-way street.

You want protection? You give protection.

The American people don’t care about you. That’s why you’re going prime time.

You’re frustrated and angry. You live in such a bubble of privilege you just don’t understand why the American people don’t seem to get how much danger you were in on January 6.

Nancy, we get it. We’re glad you’re OK. We are. But honestly?

I have friends who died from cancer because the insurance companies wouldn’t approve the treatment.

I have friends who are being evicted.

I have friends who committed suicide because it’s too easy to get a gun.

Nancy. I’m glad you’re OK. Stay safe.

But I used to live in San Francisco. I know exactly who you are and what you care about.

The city streets of San Francisco are covered in human feces because the homeless have no place to go—homeless people created by you and your landlord husband and children.

But we’re supposed to feel bad about the human feces spread in your office. They shouldn’t have done it. They should be arrested and locked up for life. But so should you. So should your husband.

Your kids are getting richer and richer trading on your connections to further themselves in politics and finance.

Please. Go away. Thanks for Obamacare. It was almost good. Especially if you owned stock in health insurance companies. Now go away.

We don’t like you, Nancy Pelosi. Your approval rating is even lower than Donald Trump’s. Three out of five Americans wish you would go away.

I’m glad you’re safe. But you know what would make you even safer? To pick one of your multimillion-dollar vineyards, or estates in San Francisco or Mill Valley and move there.

You’re clinging to power that nobody really wants you to have. And that power stems from one thing. Not your charisma, your smarts, your caring or your ability to get things done.

Your power stems from one thing—the ability to raise and distribute cash.

And while you’re raising and distributing cash your husband Paul is skimming a little off the top for you and your worthless son and daughters.

You’re corrupt. You’re dirty. So is Steny Hoyer. So is Kevin McCarthy. Joe and Jimmy Biden. Hunter The whole lot of you.

If you all won’t go to prison, at least just go away.

I am appalled by January 6. I have been following this story closely. This was a coup. The Trump administration was the worst of the worst. The people who voted for Trump are deplorable. All 75 million of them. And the people who stuck with the Trump white House after Biden won should all be in jail.

The lawyers who advised Trump on how to steal the electoral college should be disbarred and thrown in jail.

Donald Trump, his family, Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon—all of them should be in jail.

Lord knows the justice department under Merick garland has had plenty of time and evidence to do just that, but for some reason has slow walked the entire process.

I understand the wheels of justice move slowly, but there is no question that Merrick Garland has taken all the air out of the tires.

So why these prime-time hearings? No question. There is something seriously wrong with the Republican party.

It has been hijacked by fascists who don’t believe in Democracy, who believe in hate for the sake of hate, they believe in cruelty to punish the weak, and to punish the hyper educated credentialed class who makes them feel inferior.

All 75 million who voted for Trump believe in violence, guns, killing, destruction. They don’t believe there’s such thing as marital rape, sexual harassment or hate speech.

This is a party that believes people should be able to do or say whatever they want and that might makes right.

They believe the government is only there to protect us from people of color. That’s it. And to bomb foreigners. That’s it.

This is a party that believes you’re on your own. Get a gun. Get a job. Get out of my way.

That’s what the 75 million people who voted for Trump truly believe. Get a gun. Get a job. Get out of my way.
They get more joy from watching you die than from helping you survive.

And then there are the 80 million people like me who voted for Biden for one reason. We’re terrified of the 75 million who voted for Trump.

That’s it. Meanwhile the five richest families get richer while the rest of us fight amongst ourselves.

The system is working perfectly.

I hate you for hating critical race theory, and you hate me for wanting to teach it. And I’m going to make a scene at the next school board meeting as soon as I scrounge up enough cash to fill up my tank.

Look, I hope I’m wrong. I hope the January 6th committee will produce Roots, or the finale of Friends where we all come together and shed a tear for our fragile Democracy and realize that the Republican Party is made up of liars who were all in on the ransacking of the capitol. Which they are.

I think this country would be better off if the Republican Party were ripped apart into ten tiny little parties.

But let’s not pretend this is the first time the capitol has been looted. It’s looted every day
By millionaires and billionaires and corporations destroying any part of the administrative state that doesn’t have anything to do with awarding them federal contracts —no questions asked. No congressional hearings, no inspector generals, no regulations. The IRS collects trillions each year, and that money is supposed to go to the ruling elite, period.

What happened on January 6 was an insurrection. It was an attempted coup. It was sedition. The people who organized it should all be shot for treason.

But We have a Justice Department, we have an attorney general, we have the evidence, Giuliani Trump, Eastman, they should have all been convicted and sentenced by now.

Do we really need any more evidence?

Who knows? Maybe tonight’s season finale of MASH will bring 350 million Americans together. Maybe this is the Super Bowl Half Time show we all need to shed a tear for democracy, heal our differences and come to the collective realization that the Republicans are Nazis. Which I happen to believe they are.

But. Let me just speak to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden for a second.

I’d like to tell you what most Americans, on the left and on the right, are thinking.

I don’t own guns. I think guns should be illegal. I think only the police and the military should be allowed to have a gun.

I believe in laws. I believe free speech doesn’t include threatening the lives of government officials.

I believe in peace. I believe in zero violence. Zero.

I was disgusted by what I saw on January 6.

And Most Americans truly believe that to the core of their very being.

Most Americans want to live a quiet life with purpose, love, meaning, surrounded by natural beauty and connection.

Most Americans want that not just for themselves but for others.

Most Americans love America because it’s our home. And we want our home to be safe, clean, quiet, and joyful. And sometimes our home, despite all the problems we encounter, sometimes our home is just that. For many many many of us. Our home is safe, clean, quiet, and joyful. We want that for everybody.

Now having said all that, I want Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to listen to me. I wish for you and your family a safe, clean, quiet, and joyful home. But in the end, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about you.

There are 350 million Americans. And of those 350 million Americans you rank dead last on my list of people whose emotional, financial, and yes physical security I care about.

I wish for you and your family a safe, clean, quiet, and joyful life.

We are in the process of burying 19 school children. School shootings are on the rise. The leading cause of death for children is guns.

Your safety is the least of my concerns.
Because you are not keeping me or my children safe.

Let’s talk assault weapons.

Joe Biden, your hands are not tied. When the FBI arrests you, and they should, then your hands are tied. You could put an end to the gun violence today.

The President of the United States has at his disposal the entire administrative state. Through executive order he can run roughshod over the republicans and the gun lobby.

Through executive order he could, and these are my ideas, I would assume someone who really knows something could come up with a million other ideas.

He could today, as commander in chief, say the pentagon will no longer purchase weapons from any gun manufacturer who sells weapons to consumers.

I came up with this last week.

Through executive order the commander in chief can debar, it’s called debarment, he can debar any gun manufacturer from receiving pentagon contracts if they also sell to consumers.

You want us to worry about your safety tonight. Then you start worrying about ours.

Through executive order Biden could tell every police department in America that if you take any federal dollars you are forbidden from purchasing weapons from any gun manufacturer that sells to consumers.

Federal dollars have strings attached. They always have had strings attached.

Keep your second amendment. But this president is telling the police and the pentagon that tax dollars will no longer be going to gun manufacturers who endanger the lives of our police, our soldiers, and the American people.

Today. Joe Biden could do that today. Put Smith & Wesson; Sig Sauer; Sturm, Ruger & Co.; Glock and Kimber Manufacturing, and Daniels Defense. You must make a choice. Do you want to sell to the pentagon? Or do you want to sell to American citizens?

Do you want to sell to the police? Or do you want to sell to people who assassinate the police.

Keep your second amendment.

There are now two separate markets for weapons.

One for consumers. And one for the police and the military. Make a choice.

Will it be challenged in the courts?

Of course. So, fight it. Fight it out in public.
The American people want these guns off the streets. Take on this fight. That’s how you win the midterms.

The president has an IRS. Through executive order remove the NRA’s tax-exempt status. That would probably violate the law.

I get that. Do it anyway. I know. It’s against the law for the president to use the IRS to attack political enemies.

Do it anyway. Break the law. Have it struck down in court.

Break the NRA and the gun manufacturers in legal fees.

Let the gun manufacturers know they have an enemy. The United States Commander in Chief.
Look, I watched the NRA convention. You either take on these crazies full bore or surrender to their Hobbesian nightmare of a country ruled by war lords.

Do it through executive order. Fight it out in the courts.

Let the American people know you’re serious about getting money out of politics. That’s how you win elections.

But the democrats would rather limp to the finish line.

The Attorney General of New York is suing to break up the NRA because it’s chartered in the state of New York.

How come our justice department isn’t assisting Leticia James?

Why isn’t the president ordering his FTC, his SEC, and his federal elections committee to investigate how the top five-gun manufacturers Smith & Wesson; Sig Sauer; Sturm, Ruger & Co.; Glock and Kimber Manufacturing, and Daniels defense market to teenagers, illegally hand over campaign cash to politicians and how they manipulate share price after mass shootings.

It’s been said a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich. Well indict these gun manufacturers. Ruin their bottom line with legal fees.

The President could destroy the NRA, which is nothing more than a lightning rod. Wayne LaPierre is paid to take the blame for every mass shooting.

The President needs to go after by name Smith & Wesson; Sig Sauer; Sturm, Ruger & Co.; Glock and Kimber Manufacturing and Daniels Defense.

Name check their CEOS.

The Labor department could issue an order demanding that no state, local, or federal pension fund can invest in Smith & Wesson; Sig Sauer; Sturm, Ruger & Co.; Glock and Kimber Manufacturing.
We need a president who wants to keep American children safe from gun violence as much as the gun manufacturers want to sell more assault weapons.

Let them challenge it in the courts.

It is this fight that will win elections.

You know how you lose elections? When you send Matthew Mc—on-a-he out in front of the nation as the face for Joe Biden’s policy on assault weapons.

Seriously. Mconney is an idiot. Not even a Democrat. And you get him pounding the presidential podium?

It was unseemly.

If the president of the United States needs Matthew McEnaneys to make his case for an assault weapon ban, then you’ve already lost before you’ve even begun.

Nothing says I have no idea how, nor do I care about, tapping into the pollical will for meaningful gun reform than sending that idiot Mathew Mconahey out there to make the case for me.

Mr. President we already have an actor in the white house. You.

Chuck Schumer should fire the Parliamentarian and get rid of the filibuster. If Manchin and Sinema won’t get behind it. Figure out a way to get them behind it.

Or destroy them. Politics is a blood sport. Politicians get destroyed all the time. Destroy Manchin and Sinema. Nothing is getting done in the senate. Destroy them.

Joe Manchin should be in prison. It is against the law to get rich off coal while you’re chairing one of the committees that regulates it. Lock him up. Lock up his daughter. We know while working for Big Pharma she committed the crime of price fixing. Overcharging, price gouging sick people who needed an EpiPen. Lock her up.

It’s been said Democrats fall in love; republicans get in line.

I have a friend who is a congressman and he said I love Nancy Pelosi. Even though she’s against everything he stands for.

Stop falling in love.

Get the democrats to fall in line.

You do that through threats.

That’s how you get people in your party to get in line.

That’s how you win elections. By locking up criminals in the republican party and the democratic party.

But we have a governing class that insists, it’s bad precedent to start locking up your political opponents.

After Watergate, in which a huge chunk of the Nixon white house went to prison, a decision was made, let’s not do that again.

In 2001, Caroline Kennedy gave Gerald Ford a profile in courage award for pardoning Nixon.
In a ceremony at the John F. Presidential Kennedy presidential library and museum the Profile in courage award to Gerald Ford read:

President Gerald Ford is being honored for his courage in making a controversial decision of conscience to pardon former President Richard M. Nixon. On September 8, 1974, President Ford granted a “full, free and absolute pardon” to former President Nixon “for all offenses against the United States which he…has committed or may have committed or taken part in” while he was president.

That’s what the Kennedy family decided was a profile in courage.
Let’s forget about the law, let’s come together. And so, we came together in 2001, or at least the democrats came together with the GOP and went on to greenlight two illegal wars, and the Patriot Act. Because a profile in courage is ignoring the laws in the name of unity.

Gerald Ford also served on the warren commission looking into the assassination of Caroline Kennedy’s father.
Perhaps he deserves another profile in courage award for making the decision of conscience not to investigate who really killed your dad.

Are we a nation of laws? On the surface We seem to be. There are 2.5 million Americans behind bars for violating those laws.

If we are a nation of laws, then if you break those laws there should be a trial.

We no longer have trials. Most of the 2.5 million American behind bars never went to trial. They plea bargained. To save the government time and money they are bullied into pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

The dirty dark secret about our prisons is—most of these men and women never had a trial.

Prosecutors sell plea bargaining to the state by saying it saves us all time and money.

And that extends all the way up to the ruling class. There never is a trial.

If you’re guilty of inside trading, you pay a multibillion dollar fine, go on a vacation for a few years and buy the New York Mets.

If you’re guilty of sexual assault, you resign your position of senator from Minnesota, gather all your Harvard buddies together to rewrite history and make it look like you were unfairly railroaded out of office, and become a professional martyr with his own podcast, book deal and lecture series. I’m talking about Al Franken who is guilty of sexual assault. And if he’d like to challenge me in court, I can present a list of all the women he was too chickenshit to face in an ethics hearing.

But they say it’s not good for the republic if we engage in a never-ending series of political show trials where the government in charge uses its justice department to punish the previous government in charge.

One way to prevent an endless cycle of criminal prosecutions is to start electing, to start appointing men and women who aren’t criminals.

George Bush? Criminal. Dick Cheney? Criminal? Barack Obama? Criminal. Joe Biden? Criminal? Nancy Pelosi? Criminal.

Seriously. Who cares if they go to prison? I don’t care. These people aren’t my parents, my children, or my friends.

They work for me. And they all do a piss poor job. They’re working for me and making themselves rich.

Just this past month Nancy Pelosi traded 2 million dollars’ worth of shares in Apple and Microsoft.

The Speaker of the House is privy not just to the inner workings of corporations congress regulates through hearings, she is also privy to how the tax code will be written, and which corporations will be getting government contracts and which corporations won’t.

As I often say, one third of our economy is what the government spends. The House of Representatives control the purse strings. Budget bills come out of the House. Nancy runs the house.

When it comes to corporations, The government picks the winners and losers. That’s all it does.

Elon Musk gets the multibillion-dollar contract to fly to the moon. That means Jeff Bezos doesn’t.

Microsoft gets the pentagon’s multibillion dollar contract to provide cloud computing to our military. That means Jeff Bezos doesn’t.

And what does Jeff Bezos do when he loses both multibillion dollar government contracts?

He unleashes an army of lawyers and lobbyists to get some sort of compromise, so that he can get some of that government spending too.

The government is one third of our economy. It’s picking the winners and losers.

One third of Americans are underbanked. The Post Office could offer banking to those people like it used to. But the big banks don’t want to compete with the post office. So, Americans are underbanked, and must rely on pay day loans who charge exorbitant, usurious fees.

The government picked the winner, the banks. They picked the loser. The American people.

And Nancy Pelosi knows this. Her husband is trading on inside information. Even if he is worth 200 million dollars all by himself, which is impossible, it’s still the appearance of financial impropriety.

And appearance of financial impropriety, the proximity of financial impropriety is in and of itself criminal. You can build a case on the appearance of financial impropriety with no other evidence than there is in fact an appearance of financial impropriety that coincides with Paul Pelosi’s 200 million dollars.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband got rich while she was working for the government.

Joe Biden’s family, his son, and his brother got rich working for the government.

It doesn’t look right because it isn’t. It’s illegal.

Locking up our leaders isn’t about prosecuting our political enemies. It’s about enforcing the laws that are on the books.

We don’t need new laws. We don’t need more hearings.

We need a justice department, we need a fully funded Internal Revenue Service, Federal Trade Commission to enforce the laws that are already on the books.

Anyone who says it’s not good for the country to keep prosecuting government officials is a criminal.

People say, you arrest Trump, then you must arrest Don Jr. and then you must arrest Hunter Biden, and then Joe Biden’s brother Jimmy. And then you must arrest Joe. And Nancy and Paul Pelosi. When does it end? When criminals stop running for office and taking jobs in the government.

That’s when.

I want every government official, every senator, congressperson, president vice president and cabinet official to feel like a black person driving a country road late at night in Alabama with a police light in their rear-view mirror.

That’s how you change the culture in Washington.