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Jim Earl


Plus Documentarian Jen Senko director of “The Brainwashing of My Dad” explores the transformation of her father from a non-political life-long Democrat to a radicalized Right-Wing fanatic, she discovers that this is a widespread phenomenon, especially among older white men. She uncovers the forces behind the media that changed him completely: a plan by Roger Ailes under Nixon to create a media run by the GOP, The Powell Memo and the dismantling of the Fairness Doctrine, all of which would ultimately result in a media which would misinform millions, divide families and even the country itself. Jim Earl is a comedian, musician and author. He talks about the time his uncle met Hitler.

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Oscars 2016

Film Critic Michael Snyder tells us who should win in this year’s annual competition of white filmmakers. Then star and director of this year’s Oscar nominated foreign short Shok talk about making movies in Kosovo. Then our weekly roundtable with comedians Angela Cobb and Danny Vega.

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Becoming Mike Nichols

Director Douglas McGrath talks about his new HBO documentary on Mike Nichols that premieres Monday night at 9:00 PM. Comedian Felicia Michaels and Comedy Writer Colleen Werthmann join our powerhouse roundtable. Then from Triumph The Insult Comic Dog’s Hulu special we meet Arish Singh who took on Donald Trump’s Muslim bashing.

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Bobby Slayton’s Valentine’s Day Massacre

Plus Chris Bell, Director of Prescription Thugs, a new documentary exposing the evils of Big Pharma. Comedian Bobby Slayton checks in from Minnesota.

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Harold & Lillian


Oscar Nominated Director Daniel Raim on his new documentary “Harold & Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story.” Daniel’s documentary is a fascinating and deeply moving account of the romantic and creative partnership of storyboard artist Harold Michelson and his wife, film researcher Lillian Michelson—a talented couple once considered “the heart of Hollywood.” Then Director Jerry Rothwell talks about his new documentary on Greenpeace entitled, “How To Change The World.” Newsweek calls it the best documentary of 2015.

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