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Christian Finnegan

Comedian Christian Finnegan’s new special is “The Fun Part.” Then we return to the ‘70s and look at the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers and the SLA and remember a time when domestic terrorists set off bombs nearly every single day yet a large percentage of Americans were OK with it. In fact many Americans feared the police more than the terrorists! A different time, a different country with Bryan Burrough author “Days of Rage: America’s Radical Underground, the FBI, and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence.”

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Rick Overton

Also Joe Domanick author of “Blue: The LAPD and the Battle to Redeem American Policing.”

Rick Overton is one of the most respected comedians in the history of standup. He currently stars in Patrick Stewart’s new series “Blunt Talk.”

Joe Domanick is an award-winning investigative reporter reveals the troubled history of the LAPD in a gripping story filled with hard-boiled, real-life characters that bring to life the ravages of the criminal justice system.

Vividly drawn and character-driven, Blue is simultaneously a drama of cops, crime and politics, and a primer on American police policy and reform. Using the LAPD as the book’s spine and through-line, Domanick illuminates urban policing at a crossroads during the tumultuous violence-plagued years of the early 1990s. Years when the beating of Rodney King and the LAPD’s brutality sparked the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, and police departments were caught between an often brutal, corrupt and racist past, and the demands of a rapidly changing urban population and environment.

From LA he then zooms to New York City, and details how the transformation of the NYPD that resulted in a dramatic decrease in crime—even while the LAPD remained in freefall for a decade more before it too begins its road to reformation. Blue ends in the summer of 2014 with crime at record lows, but events in LA, NYC and Ferguson, Mo., raising alarming warnings about aggressive racial profiling and the militarization of American policing.

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Comic Liam McEneaney

Liam McEneaney

Liam McEneaney is a comedian, writer, and host of the wildly popular Tell Your Friends podcast. He is also shockingly ill equipped for any other profession. Scott Rogowsky hosts Running Late and is a lover of women, hater of himself. Plus, Richard Kurin Under Secretary for History, Art and Culture for the Smithsonian Institution talks about America’s troubled history with taxes.

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Comedy, Luck, and Rude Behavior


Comedian and director Bonnie McFarlane talks about her latest movie ‘Women Aren’t Funny’, political satirist Will Durst gives us the lowdown on his one man show ‘Boomeraging’, intuitive coach Anne Deidre on creating your own luck, and syndicated advice columnist Amy Alkon discusses the effects of rude behavior.

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