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Monday, June 24, 2019

Jim Earl Explains Why The Mueller Report Was A Waste May 3, 2019 


The rock power of Gary Shapiro & Henry Phillips

Comedian/Musician Gary Shapiro guest hosts this episode of The David Feldman Show, and on today's show Gary is joined by Comedian/Musician Henry Phillips to talk music, play music and have a rockin' champagne jam!...

Dave Hill

David kicks off the show with a rant about the NRA, then Howie Klein joins us to talk about this week's election results. Then, Jimmy Lee Wirt and Laura House sit down to talk...

Scott Budnick & Wayne Kramer

Tonight, Jerry Stahl talks Prison, Reform & Redemption with Hollywood exec Scott Budnick - who left his a career as successful producer (The Hangover Trilogy) to focus on his project, ARC - the Anti-Recidivism Coalition - and...

T.J. Miller

Star of Yogi Bear 3D, T.J. Miller stops by to talk about the new Mike Judge show Silicon Valley, falling gracefully for Michael Bay and more. Plus the T.J.Miller Orchestra featuring Jeremy Kramer and Will Ryan. If you...
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