The rock power of Gary Shapiro & Henry Phillips

henry phillips

Comedian/Musician Gary Shapiro guest hosts this episode of The David Feldman Show, and on today’s show Gary is joined by Comedian/Musician Henry Phillips to talk music, play music and have a rockin’ champagne jam! Plus Jimmy Lee Wirt chimes in now and again during the broadcast. But first, David Feldman starts the show off with a commentary on Gaza.

Bonus Episode Excerpt: Gary Shapiro debuting his soon to be country music hit ‘Clean Needles’ with lead guitar accompaniment by Henry Phillips.


Full episode:


  1. Dear David,

    You are a vegan, so while you’re not ok with the killing of animals, and you’ve repeatedly stated on the show that you don’t want death inside you, you seem to think that the killing of civilians in Gaza is somehow justified because Hamas is a terrorist organisation?

    I wish you’d just said ‘I’m Jewish, so I’m on Israel’s side’ instead of trying to justify Israel’s actions. I am for a two-state solution, but I don’t think the end justifies the means, and I also happen to think that hundreds of years of antisemitism and persecution does not give license for indiscriminate slaughter (past and present), nor for the other grave infrigements on human rights that Israel has perpetrated since its foundation.

    One could blame the Palestinians for having chosen Hamas, but we don’t have to look very far to see people voting against their own interests, do we? Does that mean those people deserved to be killed? Mind you, we are talking about Gaza, a huge ghetto where people have not had any perspective for a better life for generations, hence they are highly susceptible to extremist propaganda. They see the creation of the state of Israel as a great injustice, and the current and past actions of Israel help only cement those convictions. Although I disagree absolutely on everything with Hamas, Israel is not the ‘good guy’ either in this, not to mention that I’m deeply distrustful of Netanyahu. Transfer this conflict anywhere else in the world, same play, different actors and see if you still feel the same way about it. If you think this is justifiable as a preemptive measure, then just remember who was a great proponent of preemptive strikes.

    Personally this whole conflict is another proof of just how rotten human nature is… the harassment and persecution of Jews was almost a constant throughout history and yet, the lesson learned is to perpetuate the cycle of violence and injustice. And while officially Israel does not admit this, the subtext seems to be – wouldn’t just everything be better/easier if we got rid of the Arabs?


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