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David Feldman Show: Lindsey Graham’s Secret

lindsey graham

Senator Lindsey Graham doesn’t want us to know about him. Plus Jon Leibowtiz who just wrapped up his four year term as chairman of the Federal Trade Commissioner talks about Ralph Nader, Law Professor Jodi Armour talks about the most recent execution in Texas, Down With Tyranny’s Howie Klein discusses whether Senator Lindsay Graham’s homosexuality will be an issue in this year midterms, Film Critic Michael Snyder tells us about two documentaries we all should be seeing and highlights from our premiere episode of the Ralph Nader Radio Hour.

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David Feldman Show: Ralph Nader’s Back

ralph nader is back

Ralph Nader is our greatest living American. This Saturday at 11:00 a.m. on KPFK we are proud to welcome the Ralph Nader Radio Hour to all our Pacifica Radio affiliates in America, Mexico and Canada. Also on our show Blue America’s PAC’s Howie Klein, Will Ryan and Film Critic Michael Snyder. Please subscribe to this show for free on iTunes and Stitcher.

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Mort Sahl

mort sahl

Mort Sahl created modern standup comedy. We talk about starting out, and JFK’s murder which Mort says was nothing short of a CIA coup. This is an air check from Pacifica Radio’s David Feldman Show: November 22, 2013. Special thanks to Lucy Mercer, Mark Pitta and the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, California where San Francisco’s comedy scene lives. Please subscribe to our program for free as a podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. And next time you’re in Northern California make sure to check out the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, California. Once again, special thanks to Lucy Mercer and Mark Pitta.

Please subscribe to our show as a free podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Also pass the link to this show to all your friends.

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