Congressman Alan Grayson And Comic Laura House, Episode 1172

Today’s Topics: 10,000 California acres up in smoke after gender reveal party, the least those moronic parents could do is tell us whether it’s a boy or a girl; Is Trump flaming out? Biden’s poll numbers on fire; Postmaster General feeling the heat.

Guests: From The BBC’s “Secret Life of Boys,” Comic Laura House; Congressman Alan Grayson, author of “High Crimes: The Impeachment of Donald Trump;” Sex Educator, Comedian, Politician, Baby Mama and Activist Kelly Stone; Dr. Harriet Fraad, host of “When Capitalism Hits Home;“LGBTQ Activist Zack Ford, press Secretary at Alliance for Justice;  Down with Tyranny’s Howie Klein introduces us to Kara Eastman who is the Democratic nominee for Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district; Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling; Professor Adnan Husain who teaches Medieval Mediterranean and Islamic World studies at Queens University in Ontario, Canada; Professor Harvey J. Kayeauthor of “FDR on Democracy;” Screenwriter Dave Sirus, whose latest movie is “The King of Staten Island” starring Pete Davidson, Marisa Tomei, and Bill Burr and directed by Judd Apatow; Mark Breslin, founder and president of Yuk Yuk’s, the largest comedy chain in North America; Pete Dominick host of StandUP! with Pete Dominick; Comedian Aaron Berg, whose latest special “25 Sets” is streaming on Amazon and iTunes; PETA Podcast’s Emil Guillermo; Dan Frankenberger in the newsroom

Time Code: Howie Klein and Kara Eastman (1:52) Zack Ford (34:14) I’m On My Way (1:05:22) Lance Jeffries  (1:07:51) Alright Fine (Biden) (1:15:18) Dr. Harriet Fraad (1:36:10) Professor Adnan Husain (2:15:06) Professor Harvey J. Kaye (2:56:01) Dave Sirus (3:30:30) No More Auction Block (4:04:26) Emil Guillermo (4:07:30) Laura House (4:38:15) Congressman Alan Grayson (5:05:04) Kelly Stone (5:41:11) Mark Breslin (6:11:51) Hard Times In The City (6:32:21) Pete Dominick (6:34:42) Aaron Berg (7:05:05) Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling (7:34:35) Dear Theo (7:51:26) Mo Evil Blues (7:53:44) Community Billboard with Dan Frankenberger (7:56:55)

Music: I’m On My Way written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel; Feldman Suite written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel; Alright Fine (Biden) written and performed by The Covid Players who are Lance Jeffries, Kathleen Ashe, Tom Webber and John HaysNo More Auction Block performed by The Covid Players; Hard Times In The City written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel; Dear Theo performed by Jim MahoodMo Evil Bluesperformed by Professor Mike Steinel

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