Why America’s Best Educated Suffer From Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Why do America’s best educated kids suffer from drug & alcohol abuse? While the mainstream media beats up on public schools, our guest, Dr. Suniya Luthar, has authored several studies proving that it’s America’s elite institutions of higher learning that are the real pits of despair, anxiety, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Across the country, we have recurrently found that students at such schools show higher rates of disturbance compared with average American teens. Their problems range from depression, anxiety and self-harm to random acts of delinquency and, yes, abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Suniya S. Luthar

On today’s episode, we pull back the curtain on elite schools, like Brett Kavanaugh’s Georgetown Prep, and reveal just how hazardous they are to your child’s health.

Then we talk with Zack Ford, the LGBTQ editor for Think Progress, on how to cope with Brett Kavanaugh and the men who protect him.