GOP Gets Fascist After Being Accused Of Being Fascists, Episode 1366

Topics: Midterms; Mar a Lago; Union Buster Howard Schultz resigns as CEO of Starbucks hours after David rips him a new one on today’s show; Biden takes on MAGA; David presents evidence that price gouging is behind most of America’s inflation

00:01:45 Biden takes on MAGA

00:02:55 Republicans are now Fascists

00:06:18 Republicans hate being called Fascists

00:06:31 Charlie Kirk turns into a Fascist when accused of being a Fascist

00:11:37 Mississippi killing it’s citizens

00:17:47 Black pastor arrested for watering neighbor’s garden

00:20:35 Italy to elect Fascist female prime minister

00:21:43 Peru’s Socialist president getting hammered by country’s right wing

00:22:51 Lula debates Jair Bolsonaro

00:26:14 More Shia versus Shia sectarian violence in Iraq

00:28:28 Israeli court rules Palestinian held since he was 13 continue his prison sentence despite calls from EU and the UN for his release

00:30:11 UN condemns China’s treatment of the Uyghurs

00:32:01 UN condemns America’s treatment of its LGBTQ community

00:36:20 California Senate passes bill to protect fast food workers

00:38:36 Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is a union buster, please note he quit hours after David ripped him a new one

00:51:56 America’s approval of labor unions highest in nearly 60 years

01:13:51 David explains why price gouging is behind America’s inflation

01:23:45 Dr. Bandy Lee, psychiatrist who wrote a book outlining why Trump is mentally unfit to be president, fired by Yale

01:31:42 Alan Dershowitz hates the cancel culture except when he wants to cancel someone

01:33:27 Alan Dershowitz goes on TV missing his front tooth

01:36:21 Professor Ben Burgis on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

02:07:32 Dr. Philip Herschenfeld and Ethan Herschenfeld author of “Today Is Now”

02:39:49 Emil Guillermo, host of the PETA podcast and columnist for the Asian American Legal Defense And Education Fund

03:05:46 Quiz Master Dan Frankenberger tests Emil, The Rev. Barry W. Lynn and David on their knowledge of Psychology

03:30:01 The Rev. Barry W. Lynn on Trump’s legal woes

04:02:21 Joe In Norway In Spain cooks up a tasty treat

04:04:39 The Professors and Mary Anne; Professors Cummings, Husain, Bick and Li

05:05:15 Professor Harvey J. Kaye, “FDR on Democracy” and Alan Minsky, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America