Comedian KEVIN BARTINI; The hardest working pediatrician in comedy, DR. JAY SUTAY; The LGBTQ Editor for Think Progress ZACK FORD; and the Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State The REVEREND BARRY LYNN debates David on the true meaning of Christmas.

TIME CODE: Kevin Bartini: 3:00 Dr. Jay Sutay: 28:13 David’s Thoughts on Christmas: 49:53 Zack Ford: 56:04 The Reverend Barry Lynn: 1:22

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My Fake Anchorman

I referenced this on episode 1006. Ten years ago my friends Chris and Mike invented a fake TV anchorman who couldn’t keep it together, and we hoped it would go viral, and some of these videos did go viral because people thought it was real. Of course we should have been pitching television shows and…

Why Senator Rand Paul Gets His Hernia Surgery In Canada 

Here. Here is why Senator Rand Paul is getting his hernia surgery in Canada. Rand Paul is a doctor. He has a Cadillac health insurance policy because he’s a United States senator. Even with the best insurance any American could possibly dream of, he still decides to go out of pocket and get his…

The Adventures of Larry Winters

 Ten years ago, Ethan Berlin and I started making a cartoon called “The Adventures of Larry Winters.” This makes me laugh so hard. We had to take a few down, because they were way over the top.

A Look Back at The Week

The morbidly obese bullies Rush Limbaugh and Chris Christie attended Donald Trump’s Christmas party at the White House. When Limbaugh and Christie were shown the Treaty Room they both asked, “Where are the treats?” Asked what he thought of the West Wing and the East Wing, Christie said, “I prefer my wings with a side…

Stop Blaming Russia for 2016

Blaming 2016 on Russian disinformation is American disinformation. The Republican controlled Senate Intelligence Committee released a report today outlining just how deep Russian interference in the 2016 election ran. Entitled “The IRA, Social Media and Political Polarization in the United States, 2012-2018” the report zeroes in on Russia’s Internet Research Association which used Google, Facebook,…

George Herbert Walker Bush’s CIA Ties Ran Deep

DAVID: In 1975, when President Ford appointed George Herbert Walker Bush to run the CIA, the spin was Bush could clean up the place because he had fresh eyes. Ford sold Bush to us as an “outsider.” When George Herbert Walker Bush took over the CIA, was he an outsider? Was that Bush’s first experience…


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