Iowa, Trump & Other Disasters Episode 1111

President of Campaign Workers Guild, Meg Reilly; Timothy Ulrich from China Global Television Network talks to us from Beijing; Animal Behaviorist Dr. Jennifer Verdolin; Jacobin’s Professor Ben Burgis; The Rev. Barry W. Lynn; David “Citizen” Bacon; Dr. Jay Sutay; From London, Lane Thomas Hewitt; Comic Liam McEneaney.

  • How Bernie became the first presidential candidate to have a union staff.
  • We go to Beijing for the latest.
  • Citizen Bacon meets Rev. Barber.
  • Dr. Jennifer Verdolin on interspecies teamwork.
  • Why David Brooks is an idiot. Seriously. Absolute idiot.
  • The Rev. Barry W. Lynn talks Rush and ripped speeches.
  • Dr. Jay talks coronavirus.
  • Our new correspondent from London Lane Thomas Hewitt.
  • David and Liam answer listener mail.

Time Code:Meg Reilly (3:42) Timothy Ulrich (38:53) Dr. Jennifer Verdolin (1:14:37) Professor Ben Burgis (2:00:12) The Rev. Barry W. Lynn (2:33:17) Citizen Bacon (3:32:20) Dr. Jay Sutay (4:37:59) Lane Hewitt (4:54:43) Liam McEneaney (5:10:04)