Joan Rivers About To Get Kicked Out of Writers Guild For “Scabbing”

Once again Joan River is in danger of being kicked out of the Writers Guild.

Once again Joan River is in danger of being kicked out of the Writers Guild.

Under Deal Made With Guild in 2013 Rivers Promised to Stop Writing During Strike, But Rivers Continues To Write Violating Union Rules

Joan Rivers could face expulsion from the Writers Guild of America for failure to stop writing on a television show that writers are currently striking. That show, according to a union official, is E’s “Fashion Police” hosted by Rivers. Before going on strike Rivers’ writers were earning $610.00 a week with no health insurance. Their strike against E’s “Fashion Police” continues while Rivers violates union rules by writing on the show.

Rivers’ troubles with the union started back in October of 2013 after the Writers Guild scheduled a disciplinary hearing to determine if Rivers should be expelled for scabbing. Right before that hearing was to take place an embarrassed Rivers assured the Guild that she would stop writing and support her writers in their efforts to join the very same union she has been a member of for decades. Now once again she could get kicked out of it.

According to an interview on Pacifica Radio with Melodie Shaw, field representative and organizer for The Writers Guild of America West, Rivers has broken her promises to the union and has even given interviews calling her writers “idiots” and “schmucks” for organizing.

Shaw added that Rivers verbally abused the writers on E’s Fashion Police after they approached her about joining the union.