Kirstjen Nielsen Has ICE in Her Veins, Episode 1030

Comic Cory Kahaney, Comedy Writer and Co-Host of The Ralph Nader Radio Hour Steve Skrovan, Journalist and LGBTQ Activist Zack Ford, and Journalist and Host of The PETA Podcast Emil Guillermo.

Topics: Juliane Assange not getting his cleaning deposit back from Ecuador, Michael pleads AveNOTTI guilty, Due to unwanted publicity Olivia Jade forced to take Physics pass/fail, What’s it like being married to a real Nazi Hunter?, What’s up with the Writers Guild?, Is Stephen Miller a Nazi, Should Kirstjen Nielsen ever be forgiven?, Lori Loughlin, and Mayor Pete.

Time Code:David exposes the myth of America’s labor shortage 0:05 Comic Cory Kahaney 2:35 Comedy Writer Steve Skrovan 34:02 Think Progress’s Zack Ford 1:10:50 PETA Podcast’s Emil Guillermo 2:06:32