Negin Farsad & Andy Kindler

Comics Andy Kindler, Negin Farsad, Angela Cobb and Jon Ross talk Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance on Bill Maher, Trump-related anxiety, comedians performing on college campuses, the disintegration of social capital, the dangers of belonging to religious institutions with questionable political leanings, being pigeonholed as a residential Muslim, profiling in show business, diversity on TV shows, lowbrow vs. highbrow TV, the Marx Brothers vs. the Three Stooges, becoming famous before becoming good, how to properly dismiss yourself from a conversation, the art of schmoozing, the authenticity of jokes, the conviction of being a comic, Bibi Netanyahu, old jewish jokes, apartheid, going after sacred cows, Ted Turner, being a comedy purist, the State of the Industry Address, Letterman, why arguing religion is infantile, and David’s early days as a stand-up.



  1. Dear David,

    Your dismay over Bill Maher’s attitudes about Islam is ignorant. His dislike of Islam is not Islamophobia like The Right harbors, but based on a rational fear of what that religion espouses and kills for.

    Maher and others (like Sam Harris) have explained why a fear of that religion is justified, but as you said you don’t watch his show anymore so maybe that explains why you don’t understand his reasoning. Your lack of understanding may stem, too, from the liberal attitude that because religious freedom is so important that religion is above criticism.

    All ideas should be open to criticism. Religious ideas end up being pushed onto everyone – the very objective of many religions. People vote based upon their (bogus) religious ideas. So many problems are inspired by religion – we may all be screwed because many Christians think climate change is part of God’s plan.

    Please try to understand that criticism of religion is appropriate, not necessarily a phobia.

    Your fan,


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