Rich Vos & Kaytlin Bailey

rich vos
rich vos

Joe DeVito, Scott Rogowsky and Down With Tyranny’s Howie Klein.

Comic Rich Vos and David get into an angry pissing match that could permanently jeopardize their friendship. Heated words are exchanged for cash prizes.

David talks to Scott and Kaytlin about getting into trouble with 9/11 jokes, getting into trouble with transgender person jokes, Rush Limbaugh callers getting paid, what it means to be a “rape apologist,” what it’s like having a father who was a Green Beret, sex working, anti prostitute propaganda, bullying high school boyfriends into losing your virginity, being attracted to older men, prostitution among primates, how money is used to traumatize loved ones, David’s imaginary kids, the definition of sex, cultivating the false perception of serving yourself rather than others during sex, politics being a more sexually charged atmosphere than show business, money being the most addictive element to sex work, how to pick up men at bars, the female clitorus being the size of a hand, pig clits, getting addicted to stand-up comedy, learning to talk about what exactly rape means, slut shaming, The Pretenders, Mike Tyson, manipulation under the guise of seduction, how a woman decides whether she’s been raped, and examples of “non traumatic rape.”

Howie Klein talks DACA. And Joe DeVito on corpses with large members.

Produced by Alicia Cordova


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