The Amazing Johnathan, 1157

Sex Expert, Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller, from The Kinsey Institute, whose latest study for Politico reveals Democrats have become less sexually active than Republicans; Peabody and Emmy Award Winning Jim Earl; Emilio Fox and David answer your email; PETA Podcast’s Emil Guillermo; The Rev. Barry W. Lynn from Americans United for Separation of Church and State; Comedian Aaron Berg, whose latest special “25 Sets” is streaming on Amazon and iTunes; Professor Ben Burgis, whose latest book is “Myth and Mayhem: A Leftist Critique of Jordan Peterson;” Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, psychiatrist and professor of psychoanalysis and his son, Actor/Singer/Comic/Harvard Apologist Ethan; American Hero Burt Ross who took down the Gambino Family and went on to create New Jersey’s right turn on red; Mark Thompsonfrom San Francisco’s KGO Radio; Ryan Harvey, activist, musician and journalist, host of the new podcast Hope Dies Last, co-founded Firebrand Records with Tom Morello; Bob Rubin, whose latest Netflix special is “Oddities and Rarities;” Comedy Legend, The Amazing Johnathan;  Ask Henry Hakamaki

Music: Professor Mike Steinel, Lance Jeffries, Tom Webber, Kathlene Ashe, Jim Mahood

Time Code: Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller (:41) Hard Time In The City (35:31) Jim Earl (37:19) There Ain’t No Cane On The Brazos (1:13:07) Emilio Fox (1:16:45) Emil Guillermo (1:51:21) The Rev. Barry W. Lynn (2:38:32) Aaron Berg (3:11:22) Professor  Ben Burgis (3:39:05) Dr. Philip Herschenfeld and Ethan (4:04:50) Burt Ross (4:30:11) Mark Thompson (5:00:30) Ryan Harvey (5:38:34) Bob Rubin (6:07:08) The Amazing Johnathan (6:27:49) Henry Hakamaki (7:09:07)