Trump and GOP Suddenly Support Defunding The Police, Episode 1359

Trump furious he couldn’t overcharge FBI agents during their brief stay at Mar a Lago; Republicans starting to think maybe they should have let Merrick Garland sit on the Supreme Court instead. It’s the GOP that wants to defund the FBI, the Justice Department, the Internal Revenue Service and every other law enforcements agency that tackles white collar criminals like Donald Trump. The only law enforcement agencies Trump and the GOP care about are local police officers who protect property and the rich while keeping the poor in a perpetual state of fear. As luck would have it, two hours and thirteen minutes into tonight’s episode the FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago, and Republicans immediately proved my point by calling to defund the FBI. Topics: Inflation Reduction Act; You can’t fix inflation unless you lower the cost of rent; ; Republicans claim Biden has militarized the IRS


00:01:27 Senate passes climate bill

00:01:46 $80 billion goes to IRS

00:02:30 For Republicans crime is only on the streets not in the corporate suites

00:05:01 Republicans gutted the IRS so the rich wouldn’t get audited

00:06:25 New IRS agents to target the rich and only the rich

00:09:03 Republicans don’t believe in “Law And Order”

00:11:07 Republican John Barasso lying about the Inflation Reduction Act

00:13:41 Marjorie Taylor Greene warns of IRS agents carrying guns

00:14:55 Tucker Carlson warns that the Biden administration has “militarized” the IRS

00:19:18 Laura Ingraham takes exception to the police policing racist cops

00:21:02 Attorney General Merrick Garland explains why he’s indicting some of the cops who killed Breonna Taylor

00:23:06 Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says “Christians can’t be racist.”

00:24:45 Hungary’s Orban espouses Law And Odor

00:27:05 Orban says police keep us free…to steal from the poor

00:29:34 Republicans now talk openly about defunding the FBI and the Justice Department

00:29:48 Congressman Andy Biggs wants to defund any law enforcement agency that tries to arrest him for organizing the January 6 insurrection

00:31:10 Donald Trump says the Justice Department and FBI have been politicized because they’re trying to prosecute him

00:31:39 Steve Bannon is facing jail time, so he calls the Justice Department “politicized”

00:33:07 FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies

00:33:19 Senator Ted Cruz is deeply concerned that the FBI is no longer “apolitical” like it always used to be

00:37:17 Senator Josh Hawley is worried about the FBI

00:42:22 Arizona Kyrsten Sinema saves the carried interest loophole

00:49:40 Chuck Schumer’s son-in-law is garbage

01:01:48 The Inflation Reduction Act is not Bernie’s Build Back Better

01:09:32 Republicans screw over diabetics who need insulin

01:13:02 Rent is one third of inflation

01:18:53 Private equity gobbling up neighborhoods and then price gouging on rent

01:40:34 PASCAL ROBERT, host of the “This Is Revolution” podcast

01:57:31 How America continues to destroy Haiti

02:01:03 How Fascist authoritarians like Orban have traditionally coopted Christianity

02:13:19 GRACE JACKSON provides background on Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, and the role the news “Chips Bill” plays in Chinese/Taiwan relations

02:14:28 BREAKING NEWS: The FBI has raided Donald Trump’s Mar A Lago estate

02:43:07 JON ROSS, gentleman farmer and comedy writer thinks he has Covid, and also thinks Trump is going to jail

03:02:25 DR. HARRIET FRAAD on America’s epidemic of loneliness

03:30:32 Don Bongino tells Fox he’s furious about the raid on Mar A Lago


03:33:02 Professor Husain talks about his interview with Noam Chomsky and how Chomsky describes the Military Industrial Complex as some sort of twisted Keynesian stimulus program for our economy

03:39:50 The rise of the Left in South America

03:55:44 The raid on Mar A Lago and how presidential records are kept for historians.

04:05:34 The ceasefire in Gaza


04:14:10 Amnesty International tows party line on Ukraine

04:22:43 How do Adnan and Peter know so damn much?

04:25:15 The importance of news organizations issuing corrections

04:30:05 Jon Stewart and the Burn Pits

04:48:36 The Climate Bill not so good for the climate

05:05:40 PROFESSOR MIKE STEINEL live from Denton, Texas performs Turtle