Alex Jones Perjures His Perjury, Episode 1358

We focus on Alex Jones, and how he and other pathological liars found wealth hawking guns, dietary supplements, conspiracy theories and Donald Trump. During the show we learn a jury ordered Alex Jones to pay parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim $4 million in compensatory damages. Is Jones capable of remorse? Can a psychopath like Alex Jones ever be cured? Topics: Cops who killed Breonna Taylor finally charged; Nancy in Taiwan; Ron DeSantis thinks gay people more dangerous than Monkeypox; what’s in the new Inflation Reduction Act #AlexJonesVerdict #BreonnaTaylor #DavidFeldmanShow


00:03:07 Monkeypox is catching on!

00:03:33 Ron DeSantis says Monkeypox no big deal

00:03:50 Brittney Griner found guilty in Russia

00:04:26 Liars

00:05:07 Police lie. Especially in Kentucky

00:05:40 Louisville, Kentucky police charged by Justice Department in the murder of Breonna Taylor

00:06:29 Why did Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker think it was a home invasion and not a police raid?

00:07:08 Police wore bullet proof vests but no body cameras

00:07:58 Merrick Garland says police lied to get the warrant to search Breonna Taylor’s apartment, so says Justice Department

00:09:50 No cops charged, but Breonna’s boyfriend was charged with “attempted murder”

00:10:29 The National Rifle Association never defends black gun owners

00:13:20 Why didn’t Congressman Clay Higgins defend Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend?

00:16:34 Why the NRA and Louisville cops hate the federal government

00:17:31 No knock warrants get people killed

00:18:58 Police lied about Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend being a drug dealer

00:19:55 Alex Jones’ trial is amazing

00:20:56 Alex Jones helped organize the January 6 Stop The Steal rally in Washington

00:21:25 Jones is a close friend of The Oath Keepers and Ali Alexander

00:22:48 Jones led the charge towards the Capitol after Trump’s speech

00:26:57 Why did Capitol Police issue six permits allowing Stop The Steal to protest outside the Capitol?

00:31:48 The January 6 Committee wants Alex Jones phone records

00:32:09 Alex Jones’ cell phone contains pictures of nude children

00:33:09 Why exactly is Alex Jones on trial right now?

00:35:12 What does it mean when they say Alex Jones defaulted on the four defamation lawsuits filed against him?

00:36:19 David explains the “Perry Mason moment” in Alex Jones’ trial

00:39:42 David’s favorite clip from the Alex Jones trial this week

00:40:38 Jerry Nadler versus Carolyn Maloney for New York’s 12th congressional district

00:41:23 Maloney says Biden isn’t running for reelection

00:42:06 Arizona primary results

00:43:50 Missouri primary results

00:47:28 Nancy Pelosi goes to Taiwan and the GOP loves it!

00:55:51 Biden kills Ayman al-Zawahiri

01:10:14 Bernie unhappy with the Inflation Reduction Act

01:10:41 Democrats make the case for the new Inflation Reduction Act

01:24:47 Republican John Barasso lie about the bill to protect the rich

01:26:42 Florida Republican Rick Scott is a liar

01:32:46 “Ain’t No Chairs” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

01:37:08 Professor Ben Burgis talks about his new column in The Nation outlining all the illegal coups America has conducted around the world

02:02:51 Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, Freudian psychoanalyst and Ethan Herschenfeld. What is a psychopath? Is Alex Jones one? Is Donald Trump a psychopath? And what did Freud mean when he said, “Biology is destiny”?

02:36:41 Emil Guillermo host of the PETA podcast and columnist for the Asian American Legal and Defense Association. Emil remembers Vin Scully and talks about phone bullies

03:02:36 Sean Hannity warns about “climate alarmists” at CPAC

03:03:40 Special Guest Dr. Joanne Lynn explains Monkeypox and the latest research on Alzheimer’s. Also The Rev. Barry W. Lynn explains why Alex Jones is evil

04:11:20 The Professors And Mary Anne: Professor Mary Anne Cummings, Ann Li, Jonathan Bick and Adnan Husain. We talk Alex Jones, Ukraine, Taiwan, What’s in Manchin-Schumer and Biden taking out Ayman al-Zawahiri. Plus Joe In Norway is in Spain cooking Spanish food

05:15:56 Dave In PA makes a wine glass out of wood

05:18:20 Professor Harvey J. Kaye, author of “British Marxist Historians” and Alan Minsky, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America

05:57:02 “Turtle” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel