Monkeypox Catches Covid From New York City Subway, Episode 1357

Topics: Pelosi gins up war with China; Deshaun Watson; Ayman al-Zawahiri killed by drone strike; Monkey Pox; Kentucky flooding; Primaries in Arizona



00:02:03 Pelosi Taiwan trip sparks ire from Chinese military

00:04:34 Monkey Pox creates state of emergency in New York

00:06:23 David watches Notorious on TCM to calm the F down

00:08:47 Joe Biden still tests positive

00:09:42 America living paycheck to paycheck

00:10:47 Kentucky flooding makes Rand Paul believe in climate change and big government

00:14:22 Deshaun Watson is suspended for 6 games over sexual misconduct

00:15:41 Ukraine is finally shipping food

00:16:31 War in Ukraine not going well for Ukranians

00:17:16 When does the war in Ukraine end? How about never

00:20:35 America’s solution to end the fighting? More weapons

00:21:18 Pentagon says Ukraine is winning and losing

00:28:32 Pentagon’s new business model

00:31:10 You can’t win a war with just weapons

00:32:41 Pentagon comes clean and admits Ukraine is now a “grinding war of attrition”

00:36:33 The only people allowed to say we’re losing in Ukraine are American generals when they need to send more weapons over there

00:40:40 Midterms are 99 days away

00:40:53 David issues a correction

00:43:36 Kansas votes on abortion

00:44:24 Arizona’s big primary on Tuesday

00:45:53 Manchin Schumer

00:46:39 Why Arizona Congressmen Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar begged Trump for a blanket pardon

00:48:49 Who is Ali Alexander?

00:49:34 Why is an Afro-Cuban chairman of a white nationalist organization like The Proud Boys?

00:50:43 Congressman Mo Brooks should be tried for sedition

00:58:04 Mo Broke incites a riot

01:10:27 Why you can’t separate January 6th from Guns

01:15:07 The House passes an assault weapons ban

01:25:06 Congressman John Rutherford is an idiot

01:27:59 GOP pushes guns as a way to keep us safe from an overly intrusive government

01:32:28 Congressman Chip Roy says assault weapons ban is an excuse to take arms against America

01:35:08 Jason Myles and Pascal Robert co-hosts of “This is Revolution” podcast.

02:21:35 Fascism or Socialism? Dr. Harriet Fraad and David Cobb

03:36:48 Professor Adnan Husain talks about Turkey’s role in brokering peace in Iran and with Russia

04:13:18 Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda leader, killed at 71

04:20:00 Peter B. Collins

04:32:45 Democrats are playing with fire by proping up ultra right wing crazies in the hope they’ll be easier to defeat in November

04:37:41 The illegal role AIPAC plays in American elections

04:37:58 Midterms and the role AIPAC plays in destroying Progressive candiates

04:56:39 Professor Mary Anne Cummings

05:29:54 Professor Mike Steinel

05:36:17 “Ain’t No Chairs” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

06:09:14 “Turtle” written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel, author of “Saving Charlie Parker: A Novel”