Trump Comes To His Census, Episode 1056

Trump backed off on the citizenship question, but I.C.E. is planning to round up thousands of immigrant families on Sunday in order to deport them. Professor Anthony W. Fontes, author of “Mortal Doubt: Transnational Gangs and Social Order in Guatemala City” says Trump’s treatment of immigrants is cruel and inhumane, but somewhat typical of American presidents.

The Reverend Barry Lynn is one of the leaders of the religious left, and he’s not happy with the Democratic Party.

Mark Breslin, founder and CEO of Yuk Yuk’s comedy chain, explains the pathology of Jeffrey Epstein.

Zack Ford covers the White House for Think Progress, and he comes to us today from Netroots Nation in Philadelphia.

Comedian Kevin Bartini talks Jeffrey Epstein and tells us about a 102-year-old man who just married his 103-year-old sweetheart.

Time Code: Professor Fontes (3:29:08) The Reverend Barry Lynn (1:02:03) Mark Breslin (2:20:50) Zack Ford (3:05:05) Kevin Bartini (3:55:36)