Trump’s Defense Dept. Comes To His Defense, Episode 1103

Professor Simon F. Haeder offers a primer on Medicare For All; Congressman Alan Grayson author of “High Crimes: The Impeachment of Donald Trump;” Congressman Ted Lieu’s Chief-of-Staff Marc Cevasco; David “Citizen” Bacon talks to Tulsi, Klobuchar and gets into it with Joe Walsh; The Rev. Barry W. Lynn warns Pelosi not to trust the senate; Dr. Jennifer Verdolin on how animals self medicate; Comedian Kevin Bartini;  Liam McEneaney insults our listeners. 

  • Citizen Bacon captures Tulsi Gabbard dropping the F Bomb.
  • Congressman Alan Grayson explains Iran.
  • Professor Simon F. Haeder explains the healthcare debate.
  • Marc Cevasco brings us up to date on impeachment and Nancy Pelosi’s resolution to stop war in Iran.
  • Dr. Jennifer Verdolin explains why we kiss.
  • Kevin Bartini explains the three stages of being a Floridian.
  • Liam and David answer listener questions.

Time Code: Professor Simon F. Haeder (0:40) Congressman Alan Grayson (35:36) Marc Cevasco (1:23:07) David Bacon (2:06:48) The Rev. Barry W. Lynn (3:02:18) Dr. Jennifer Verdolin (3:50:50) Kevin Bartini (4:38:30) Liam McEneaney (5:12:59)