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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

David Feldman Show

The NFL Exploits Cheerleaders

Thinking of becoming an NFL cheerleader? You should think twice. Then again if you're a cheerleader you should first try thinking once. http://youtu.be/9yV6QwEOc3A

Sugar Is Poison

Film Critic Michael Snyder talks about Fed Up the new documentary exposing the dirty secret about processed foods. David Feldman talks about how sugar in all forms turns to fat, and then eventually cancer,...

Welcome Back, Mr. Feldman

David returns from his time away on the east coast with Ralph Nader to hang out and catch with Kira Soltanovich, Hal Lublin, Jeremy Kramer, Paul Dooley and Will Ryan. Plus movie reviews with...

Splat Cats: Gooey Kitty Cuties

Cats playing with sticky balls. What else do you need to know? Music performed by the Beau Hunks, covering Roy Shield's 'Dash and Dot'.

Jerry Stahl Rides Dirty

With Jerry Stahl, Jason Schwartzman, Michael C Hall, Ben Stiller, Larry Charles, Lance Bangs, Funny Or Die, more » Jerry Stahl engages in some shameless book blurbing with a few of his friends (Ben Stiller, Flea, Jason Schwartzman & Michael C. Hall).

Scott Budnick & Wayne Kramer

Tonight, Jerry Stahl talks Prison, Reform & Redemption with Hollywood exec Scott Budnick - who left his a career as successful producer (The Hangover Trilogy) to focus on his project, ARC - the Anti-Recidivism Coalition - and...

Larry Charles

On today's show the brilliant writer Jerry Stahl fills in for David while he's away in Washington hanging out and recording the Ralph Nader Radio Hour. Jerry's guest is his old friend Larry Charles,...

Todd Glass

Todd Glass joins us today to talk about his new book 'The Todd Glass Situation', plus a primer on how to run a successful comedy club. Also, be sure to check out Todd's podcast 'The...

T.J. Miller

Star of Yogi Bear 3D, T.J. Miller stops by to talk about the new Mike Judge show Silicon Valley, falling gracefully for Michael Bay and more. Plus the T.J.Miller Orchestra featuring Jeremy Kramer and Will Ryan. If you...

Donald Sterling, The Veterans Project & Baseball

Jeff Norman stops by to talk about Citizens United and McCutcheon, The Veterans Project, and U.S. Tour of Duty. Plus Steve Skrovan, Will Ryan, Gary Shapiro and Jeremy Kramer. 

L.A. Animal Services Bites Back

Brenda Barnette runs L.A. Animal Services. She joins us to respond to the scathing criticism leveled against her and her department on Monday's show. L.A. Animal Services is one of the largest animal protection organizations in the world.

Media Matters Fights Unions

Media Matters was founded by David Brock, a righty turned lefty. Media Matters appears to be on the side of unions, except when it comes to its own employees. http://youtu.be/0E04-Qk_pi8
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