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David Feldman Show

The 5 Biggest Lies You Were Told This Week

West Virginia’s chemical spill demonstrates why we need a more powerful EPA and John Boehner is lying when he says coal is "regulated enough." The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee is the...

Is America A Police State?

Dr. Robert Brame On America's Increasing Taste For Locking Americans Up 50% percent of black males and 40% of white males will be arrested by the time they're 23, according to Dr. Brame's new study. Is...

This WILL get you MORE SEX!

Who doesn't enjoy the act of lovemaking? If you are one of those poor, unfortunate souls who can't get anyone to have sex with you, fret no more! The Lovemaking Mask will help you...

The War On Valentine’s Day

The battle on the war on Christmas continues as we announce our War on Valentine's Day. Comic Matt Kirshen, Jeremy S. Kramer, Hal Lublin, Film Critic Michael Snyder, Web Master Jimmy Lee Wirt and...

5 great documentaries on Hulu you can watch for free

Here's a few of the best documentaries now streaming on Hulu for free!

All Of Maz Jobrani

Maz's new comedy special is entitled I Come In Peace. Our full interview with Comedian Maz Jobrani who talks about performing all over the world, and what is happening in Iran. Haz has made...

Public Access Goodness: Stairway to Stardom

Quite possibly the best public access show ever created, it's Stairway to Stardom!

Henry Phillips, Comedy Crackerjack

Henry Phillips is a musical comedian from LA known for his "Comedy Central Presents", semi-autobiographical movie "Punching the Clown" (winner of several awards, most notably the Audience Award at the "Slamdance Film Festival") as...

Mr. Blue Sky – The Story of Jeff Lynne & ELO

"Mr. Blue Sky - The Story of Jeff Lynne and ELO"

Jay Leno’s Secret Porn Stash – Watch Now!

Mechanophilia (or Mechaphilia) is when someone has sexual attraction to machines such as bicycles, motor vehicles, helicopters and airplanes. This documentary tells the story of two men who love to have sex with their cars. I wonder if they ever play...

American Men Least Patriotic When It Comes To Porn

Pornhub has been kind enough to provide us with the top porn search terms and broken them down by country. Please note that unlike every other country in the industrialized world Americans aren't searching...
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