Confiscate All AR-15 Owners Too, Episode 1074

Comedians Rick Overton, Dave Sirus, Liam McEneaney on last night’s debate. Zack Ford checks in from Washington DC. Democratic Congressional Candidate Jason Butler is running to represent North Carolina’s 2nd District in Congress and flip the district from the incumbent, Republican George Holding. Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling blows the roof off the podcast. Marketing Guru Saul Colt.

In This Episode:
• Rick Overton on life as a Bad Ass Bernie Bro
• Dave Sirus on last night’s debate
• Zack Ford on the demise of Think Progress
• Marketing Guru Saul Colt explains branding
• Jason Butler on how the GOP cons rural voters
• Liam McEneaney saves the show, yet again
• Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling tells the world’s funniest jokes

Time Code: Jason Butler (0.1:1) Dave Sirus (49:09.1) Zack Ford (1:33:52) Liam McEneaney (2:29:12) Rick Overton (2:59:01) Saul Colt (4:04:31) Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling (4:33:47)

“As I look at the world, I see so much suffering and I get this deep sense that our society is losing its moral compass—kids are in cages, Latinx families are being torn apart, multitudes are living without access to health care, the LGBTQ community is under constant threat, income inequality is out of control, and our environment is dying,” Butler wrote in an email to Open Table’s constituents. “These are not just political issues—they are issues of morality and justice—of life and death.”

Jason Butler

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