Jeff Bezos Is Anti Wedded Unions Too, Episode 1004

I’m sorry, but I think Jeff Bezos’s wife is only entitled to $70 billion, NOT $75 billion. If that makes me a horrible person, then so be it. Comics AARON BERG, DAVE SIRUS and KEVIN BARTINI. From The Washington Post, HELAINE OLEN. ZACK FORD the LGBTQ editor for Think Progress.

The American Psychological Association calls Toxic Masculinity a mental illness, but Republicans say it’s an ideology. Zack Ford, the LGBTQ editor for Think Progress, explains.

Time Code:Helaine Olen 0:15 Zack Ford 41:34 Dave Sirus 59:25 Kevin Bartini 1:40:25 Aaron Berg 2:14:45

Topics:R. Kelly, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bezos’ Divorce,Studies show the rich lack empathy, Elizabeth Warren for President, and Toxic Masculinity.