Keith and The Girls 12th Anniversary


Also Comic Judy Gold and Novelist Jerry Stahl. It’s another powerhouse episode. Keith and The Girl started their podcast on March 7, 2005. For 12 years, five days a week, they have delivered one of the funniest and most authentic shows in podcast history. Subscribe to their podcast immediately! Judy Gold hosts Kill Me Now her weekly podcast. Jerry Stahl is the author of Permanent Midnight, and has just finished up a six-part series for Vice A Tour From Hell about his recent 14-day holocaust bus tour.


  1. The opening segment with David Feldman and his “Mother”
    is the most painfully funny bit of comedy I have heard since I talked to my Aunt Bernice over 30 years ago.

    Not since I watched Steven Pearl at the Holy City Zoo in 1987 have I laughed this hard.

    I know this was a painful subject for Mrs Feldman to discuss on the air, but I’m glad she did and brought up the “D” word that everyone is talking about.

    I look forward to watching this show on TV. What channel is it on? And do I have to press the red button on top of the silver remote or the black button button on the square one? And what time is it on? And don’t say, ‘Any time I want” because I don’t know when I want it. What I want is a schedule printed in a paper with a time, a day and a channel so I can tell the women on the block to watch it, because they don’t believe me that it’s a real show.
    You know who had a real show? Jon Stewart! And that Lewis Black. Always introduces his mother in the audience. That’s class. I’ll bet he isn’t breaking his mother’s heart every day!


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