Lewis Black Talks Life 

Plus Brian Stack! It’s Black and Stack! Lewis Black. Where to begin? How about where to see him? Lewis is playing the Borgata in Atlantic City March 10-11. March 16 he’s at the Historic Elsinore Theater in Salem, Oregon. March 17 he’s at the Mount Baker Theater in Bellingham, Washington. On March 18 he’s at the Pantages Theater in Tacoma, Washington. For all of Lewis Black’s tour dates please visit www.LewisBlack.com. Brian Stack is a comedy writer and performer who spent nearly 20 years creating some of the most memorable characters from Conan’s television shows. Remember Kilty McBagpipes? Hannigan the Traveling Salesman? Artie Kendall the Ghost Crooner? Sure you do. Now you know him from Stephen Colbert’s CBS show where Brian, among other things, is Cartoon Trump.