Randy Bryce & Comic Josh Johnson, Episode 1164

Randy Bryce, The Iron Stache, talks unions and how he ended former Speaker Paul Ryan’s political career; Comedian Josh Johnson from “The Daily Show;” Rashid Khalidi, Columbia’s Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies, Co-editor, Journal of Palestine Studies and author of “The 100 Years’ War on Palestine;  Jess Scarane, Democratic candidate running to represent Delaware in the U.S. Senate; Comic Judy Gold, whose new book is “Yes, I Can Say That: When They Come for the Comedians, We Are All in Trouble;” Folklore Archivist Nicole Penney discusses academic work she and other scholars are conducting to chronicle bathroom graffiti; Journalist Cal Colgan, from the Industrial Workers of the World’s Freelance Journalist Union (IWW FJU);  Investigative reporter Alex Kotch from The Center for Media and Democracy; Founder and Treasurer of The Blue America PACHowie Klein; Democratic Strategist Jeff Blackwood; Medieval European and Middle Eastern Historian Professor Adnan Husain; Professor Harvey J. Kaye author of “Thomas Paine and The Promise of America;” Timothy Ulrich from China Global Television Network; Covid 19 Town Hall with The Irritable Immunologist and Immuno Biologist Henry Hakamaki; Jackie “The Joke Man” MartlingEmilio Fox and David answer listener questions; Dan Frankenberger’s Community Billboard; Covid Players; Comedy Writer Jon Ross addresses listener complaints as the newly appointed David Feldman Show Ombudsman

Opening Sketch written and performed by Kathleen Ashe and Lance JeffriesAin’t No Cane On The Brazos performed by The Covid Players who are Tom Webber, Lance Jeffries and Kathleen Ashe.

Time Code: Janet Anderson (:00) Comic Jon Ross (6:51) Professor Rashid Khalidi (31:54) Comedian Josh Johnson (1:08:33) Democratic Candidate for Senate Jess Scarane (1:39:34) Ain’t No Cane On The Brazos (2:12:35) Comic Judy Gold (2:16:22) Archivist Nicole Penney (2:45:07) Journalist Cal Colgan (3:14:13) Investigative Reporter Alex Kotch (3:40:44) Randy Bryce and Howie Klein (4:04:12) Democratic Strategist Jeff Blackwood (5:05:35) Professor Adnan Husain (5:26:48) Professor Harvey J. Kaye (5:58:29) Reporting from Beijing Timothy Ulrich (6:38:58) Covid 19 Town Hall (7:08:09) Emilio Fox (7:49:34) ) Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling (8:00:01) Dan Frankenberger’s Community Billboard (8:13:15)