Sam Seder Steps Into The Octagon, Episode 1018

From The Majority Report and MSNBC Sam Seder, The Washington Post’s Helaine Olen, Think Progress’s LGBTQ Editor Zack Ford, plus Comedians Dave Sirus and Jon Ross.

Time Code:Jon Ross :05 Sam Seder 6:38 Helaine Olen 33:20 Dave Sirus 1:07:36 Zack Ford 2:01:07 Remembering Mark Hollis 2:28:40

Topics: Michael Cohen, Congressman Elijah Cummings, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Lynn Patton, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Proud Boys, Jared Kushner, and we bid farewell to Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis.

Helaine Olen explains why cyphers like Ivanka Trump actually believe they deserve what they have; Sam Seder explains Bernie Bros and why white nationalists too often find work in our military and police; Dave Sirus explains Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Michael Cohen, and emotional support cats; Zack Ford talks Trump and other hates crimes; Jon Ross thinks Michael Cohen is a two-faced rat. T