Trump’s Getting Evicted, Episode 1080

Executive Director of the American Museum of Tort Law, Richard L. Newman; Senior Investigative Reporter and Editor at Sludge, Alex Kotch; Ralph Nader Radio Hour’s Steve Skrovan; Emmy & Peabody Award Winning Comedy Writer, Jim Earl; Comedians Liam McEneaney and Aaron Berg.

  • Will Elizabeth Warren get two stents to remove an arterial blockage and claim it was her idea?
  • Shouldn’t someone investigate Hunter Biden?
  • Saturday is Tort Law Education Day at the American Museum of Tort Law.
  • Sludge’s Alex Kotch follows the money, so you should follow Alex Kotch.
  • Jim Earl on why he’s still Bernie or Bust.
  • Liam McEneaney helps David answer listener mail.
  • Aaron Berg recreates David’s circumcision.

Time Code: Richard L. Newman (1:53.6) Alex Kotch (14:16.7)  Jim Earl (47:09.1) Liam McEneaney (2:28:53) Aaron Berg (3:45:35)