A Trump Administration Lying Montage


Special thanks to the New York Times for providing us with this stunning montage of Trump surrogates lying about the campaign’s contacts with Russian operatives. It’s really a study in pathology, some are better liars than others. Manafort is a lot worse than I thought he’d be at prevaricating. Kellyanne is well practiced. And Donald Trump Jr. has the world’s most punchable face. Meanwhile, it’s been five days since Donald Trump has been seen in public.

UPDATE: 11:05: July 12, 2017, Trump has now been photographed in public. He has not been seen, but there is a photo of Trump meeting in the Oval Office with religious leaders. As you can see, because it’s Donald Trump’s White House, everyone is grabbing some pussy:
Evangelicals in White House grabbing some pussy

UPDATE: 4:00 AM: July 13, 2017:
President Trump has defended his brilliant namesake Don Jr. by saying the whole meeting with Russian operatives at Trump tower is a big “Nothing Burger.” The picture below begs the question, When has Donald Trump ever tasted a Nothing Burger?
Trump has never tasted a nothing burger

Today’s podcast below:


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