Charlie Rose is Satan’s Limb

Charlie Rose is Satan
Charlie Rose is Satan

Nobody should donate to PBS until we are assured that no PBS money is used to pay Charlie Rose’s settlements for sexual assault. There’s a revolution afoot. America is about to run on estrogen, and I tell white men why that’s a good thing for white men. On today’s show we discuss every single powerful man in Hollywood and Washington accused by more than two women of sexual assault. We’re taking and then naming names with Down With Tyranny’s HOWIE KLEIN and Comedians JOE DEVITO and AARON BERG.


  1. Hey there David, I REALLY appreciate your podcast segments wherein you interview progressive candidates and Howie Klein! Great work you’re doing! May I respectfully request you include hyperlinks to their twitter feeds, websites and facebook pages in on your website (maybe in the show description)? This would make it much easier and quicker for listeners to follow them. Since you’re helping to publicize these people, why not give them a bigger boost in followers? I’ve been a fan of yours ever since I learned about you years and years ago on Jimmy Dore’s podcast- it might have even been Comedy & Everything Else with Dore & Todd Glass. When are you going to have Jimmy Dore on your show again? Also I came to your website to try and find the link to your twitter account and couldn’t find it- you might want to include hyperlinks to your twitter & facebook accounts. Thanks again- I’m off to search through the 13 “David Feldman”s that came up when I searched for you on twitter a minute ago. Medicare For ALL!


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