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Super Deluxe’s Vic Berger

Best known as Dr. Katz, Jonathan Katz is an Emmy award winning comedian and creator of Dr. Katz Professional Therapist.

Plus Comedy Writers Steve Young and Tony Zaret.

Tim & Eric collaborator and surrealist comic Vic Berger talks about life as an absurdist video maker. Vic is one of the most original artists working in television comedy today.

Steve Young has written on The Simpsons, Late Show With David Letterman, Maya and Marty and countless other television shows.

Tony Zaret is comedian, comedy writer and student of the Internet.

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Comic Judy Gold Pokes Trump 

Also Henriette Mantel who, besides playing Alice on The Brady Bunch movies, is an accomplished author, comedy writer, and activist.

Then we are joined by Investigative Journalist Robin Urevich who reveals that Trump’s pick for Secretary of Labor Andrew Puzder is no friend to the worker. Robin’s work is a joint effort of Newsweek and Capital and Main. Her article uncovers an alarming number of reports of federal racial discrimination and sexual harassment claims filed against Puzder’s fast food company CKE and its franchisees, which, she writes, “read like stories from the 1940s or ’50s, before civil rights laws were ever enacted.”

David then simplifies the news coming out of Washington by urging listeners to visit Calling is the most effective way to influence your representative. 5 Calls gives you contacts and scripts so calling is quick and easy. 5 Calls uses your location to give you your local representatives so your calls are more impactful.

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Throwing Shade’s Colleen Werthmann Returns


Comedy writer Colleen Werthmann talks about her move to Los Angeles, writing on the new TV Land series “Throwing Shade”, David’s manipulation tactics, how both Republicans AND Democrats cannot get past others exterior, underestimating voter’s financial despair, the peril of Trump’s looming presidency, and the idea that China poses more of a threat than Russia.

Film Critic Michael Snyder reviews Eye in the Sky, Loving, Hidden Figures, Zootopia, Jackie, and Neruda.

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John Fugelsang Returns

Actor, comedian & broadcaster John Fugelsang is the host ‘Tell Me Everything” weekdays on SiriusXM Insight #121. His new film “Dream On,” a road trip in search of the American Dream, was named “Best Documentary” at the NY Independent Film Festival. John discusses his career arc, turning down work, seeing George Carlin for the first time, Trump fatigue, the value of joy, his family’s background, Catholicism, Pope Francis, the thin line between religion and politics and not giving into darkness.

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