The Moe Green New Deal, Episode 1309

David unveils The Moe Green New Deal where corporations don’t buy America out—we buy you out. Topics: Rogan apologizes; Whoopi apologizes; Robert F. Kennedy Jr. apologizes; Rachel Maddow should apologize; Another Arctic Blast

Guests With Time Stamps:

2:28 David Does the News

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Spotify Decides Neil Isn’t Young, Episode 1308

Mitch McConnell calls it inappropriate to vote on a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer while we’re in the middle of a Democracy year… Before announcing she was running for reelection Nancy Pelosi first ran it by her husband Paul so he could trade on the inside information…McDonald’s offering Land, Air & Sea– one giant sandwich which combines a Big Mac, a McChicken, and a Filet-O-Fish, as well as Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer… How about instead of a sandwich they offer a job that combines healthcare, dental and eye… Spotify refused to be intimidated by Neil Young and sides with good and decent loyal Americans who believe in doubling the number of people killed by Covid…Like Harvest Moon could ever sound as sweet as Joe Rogan discussing Gender with Ben Shapiro…

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