Michael Brooks Steps Into The Octagon, Episode 1023

Michael Brooks hosts The Michael Brooks Show, and co-hosts The Majority Report With Sam Seder. Also, Founder of The Blue America PAC who writes Down With Tyranny, Howie Klein. Plus Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling.

Time Code: 2:40 David on why it’s good for the Democrats when the primary season gets ugly 33:20 Michael Brooks trashes Beto 1:24 Howie Klein tries to prevent David from turning into a Bernie Bro 2:04 Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling

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It’s All About The Benjamin Netanyahus, Episode 1020

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar makes the world safer for Jews, Arabs, Israelis, Palestinians, Muslims and all the other pains in the ass who need to dial it down so we can remove Donald Trump from office and elect Bernie. Jesus Christ, Democrats! Not everything must be a crisis. This is America. Any woman born in Somalia who moves to the United States and gets elected to Congress wearing a Hijab can say whatever she wants. If you have a problem with that then leave my country.

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Rep. Tony Cardenas Faces #MeTwo Charges, Episode 1019

Down With Tyranny’s Howie Klein with EXCLUSIVE information on California Congressman Tony Cardenas courting the “way too young to vote” vote. Is Cardenas a politician who’s doing more than just kissing the babies? Why is he still in Nancy Pelosi’s orbit? Howie Klein explains how Cardenas could spell trouble for Democrats if Pelosi doesn’t take a page from the Cardenas playbook and “nip this one in the bud.” Plus, Investigate Russia’s Jacki Schechner, Comedian Joe DeVito, Comedian Aaron Berg, Comedian Dr. Jay Sutay and PETA’s Emil Guillermo.

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