Senator Joe Manchin’s Dirty Secret, Episode 1217

The Mop Up For February 26, 2021

Topics: West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin doesn’t want you to know where his daughter Heather’s 50 million dollar fortune comes from. How his connections got her a job at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Or how he helped her get away with lying about her MBA, or how she price gouged Americans on EpiPens, jacked the price up by 600 percent and then moved her pharmaceutical company to The Netherlands to avoid paying taxes. He doesn’t want you to know any of this because he’s a Democrat who opposes an increase in the minimum wage, and the people of West Virginia, the poorest state in the Union, would be appalled by how greedy and craven he and his family of grifters are.

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“Do The Right Wing Thing” Starring Josh Hawley, Episode 1213

The Mop Up For February 11, 2021

Topics: Bruce’s DUI; The Lincoln Project was a $100 million grift; Those who stormed the Capitol faced mountains of debt

Guests With Time Stamps: 3:46​ Speaker Nancy Pelosi, AKA Martha Previte 12:30​ Jim Earl, Emmy and Peabody Award winning comedy writer, author, comedian and FBI informant and Jon Ross do The News. 1:05:56​ Grace Jackson, “Literary Hangover,” and Henry Hakamaki talk with Vijay Prashad, author of “Washington Bullets” 1:38:50​ Professor Ben Burgis, columnist for Jacobin, host of “Give Them An Argument” 2:03:59​ Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, psychiatrist, and Ethan, actor/comedian 2:31:41​ The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United for Separation of Church and State 3:22:34​ Emil Guillermo, host of PETA Podcast, columnist for AALDEF 3:58:45​ Professor Mary Anne Cummings, Professor Adnan Husain and Professor Jonathan Bick do The News 4:34:22​ Professor Guy Nicolucci, Emmy award winning comedy writer who teaches screenwriting at Montclair State University 5:04:17​ Professor Harvey J. Kaye, author of “FDR on Democracy” and Alan Minsky, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America

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The Super Spreader Bowl, Episode 1212

The Mop Up For February 8, 2021

Topics: Why the Super Bowl reflects everything that’s wrong with America; Will Amazon’s workers in Alabama vote for a union?

Guests With Time Stamps

1:49​ Jacob Morrison, Valley Labor Report, and Roriki Hutchinson, Weekly Marx, on Amazon workers in Alabama going union 29:49​ Henry Hakamaki talks to Glyn Ford, author of “Talking to North Korea: Ending the Nuclear Standoff” and “North Korea on the Brink: Struggle for Survival” 1:05:01​ Aaron Berg, whose latest special is “25 Sets” 1:30:03​ Mark Breslin, founder and president of Yuk Yuk’s, the largest comedy in chain in North America 1:59:53​ Down With Tyranny’s Howie Klein talks with Ally Dalsimer, who is running for Congress in Virginia 2:31:39​ Martha Previte, AKA Senator Susan Collins, and Jim Earl, Emmy and Peabody Award winning comedy writer 3:01:28​ Dr. Harriet Fraad, “Capitalism Hits Home” and “It’s Not Just in Your Head” 3:37:15​ Comedians Raanan Hershberg and Ethan Herschenfeld 4:02:18​ Comedian Rick Overton, Emmy Award winning writer and actor 4:35:06​ Professor Mary Anne Cummings, parks commissioner Aurora, Illinois 5:03:08​ The Irritable Immunologist 5:46:00​ Professor Mike Steinel, talks about whatever he wantsThe David Feldman Show features a diverse mixture of comedians, actors, professors, comedy writers and journalists talking about your world. 6:05:52​ Dan Frankenberger’s Community Billboard

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